The Art of Tammy Duris

"Art is a metaphor for Existence", in practice though, it is not enough just to show life.  Art cannot be today a mere imitation of life:  it must be something deeper, you need to give it meaning.

If the artist follows this basic concept, we may consider their work free to search for this purpose.

The work of art has to reveal elements of beauty and emotion, referring to human feeling, a tension in search of our Spirituality.

If art were without beauty, life would be barren, poor of emotions, inevitably directed to the consumption of the noble part of the human soul.

The synthesis of the 'Classic' with the Contemporary is my goal since no one can ignore the 'past'; even those protesting or denying our past always must refer to it, even those who prefer to be antithetical or nihilistic.

The use of the tradition of the great masters does not put brakes on following individual attitudes or the choice of appropriate and subjective artistic paths.  In fact, that tradition helps to renew every instant the sources that feed new artistic languages.

Sinking the artistic inspirational roots in Classical and Renaissance Art poses no limits for the 'operas', not necessarily obliging the artist to figurative art works.  Rather, this way opens a new frontier for a symbolic externalization of my work, even though still lying on recognizable themes of art history.

My sculpture grows from the concept of transformation, through the alchemy of the combination of elements and the metamorphosis of matter.

I also like to refer to the 'Platonic Geometry', to the good values of the human soul, and to the 'divine' inherent in our 'Spirituality'.

I intend to convey sensitivity and femininity as essential values derived from my earlier naturalistic approaches with Art.

I consider my experience in Italy as 'a terrace looking on to the infinitive' (una terrazza sull' infinito), an open view to the immeasurable kinds of art, to the countless choices of the past, drawing conviction for the present and a solid foundation for the future.  The enthusiasm for consciousness around Classical Art and its 'Renaissance' is transformed into a strong inspiration, which then becomes a very personal language:  in the use of materials; application of colors and stains; in the pursuit of continuous composition; and in the research of movement.

My photography refers to the "Light of Nature".  I consider photography a special means, great to capture the feelings that flow from nature;  not only in the physical sense, more metaphorically; clicking shots of landscapes, and details of art operas and architecture, of history and sometimes of life.

What is the role of art in society?

Which the position of the Artist?

Teaching of good values as far as possible, this is its role, transmitting positive feelings and examples.

It's a 'Legacy of Light', that of the Art!

This is why I like to explain, make known my processes; as far as possible, create debate.

I consider the art as a 'bridge to the divine' and the position of the Artist in the manufacturing of this bridge.  I consider all this in a very 'Classic' way, with great humility about the creative act; what matters most is what the Art is able to produce, not the one who produces art.

These are reasons that lead me towards the "Myth", as ancestral cultural process, by the dawn of time:  I am not so much fascinated by the legend itself as much the metaphor of life, or the meanings and symbols to discover, to interpret, to be transmitted.

Beauty and proportions are the fundamental keys of representation of my work.  Stone, bronze and clay sculptures, in addition to photography, are my current means of expression.


INSPIRATION for me -  

Museo  dell' Ara Pacis, Roma